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Party With The Most High! 2 year Anniversary!

Wow! We are so excited to celebrate House of Joy's 2nd anniversary 8/16/22

We had a such a fun free childlike time in his presence!!! It was a packed house so full of his life, love, and joy! Testimony of what God has been doing these past years was shared, powerful impartation happened, prophetic words flowed and we worshiped Jesus with all our hearts!

We are so honored God would entrust us with this privilege of sharing his joyful good news to everyone! This year there's been an increase of prayers answered, deliverances, and more people being drawn in from the street. One of the BIG celebration of this past year was Johnny graduating from The Discipleship Program at The Dream Center! He started coming to House of Joy the first year and was had freshly come out of jail. He had been living a life of crime and was still struggling with drug addiction. He was very lost and wanted run from life. He had nowhere to live, but we offered the Dream Center as a bridge for hope, transformation, and a free home. At first he didn't want to go, but he did eventually and he is NOW A NEW MAN IN CHRIST!!! He even decided to stay for the 2nd year program! Praise God!!! (He is the one with the curly hair and big smile in the pic below!)

Our 2nd year was also marked by much deeper holiness and transformation in our hearts, in our physical homes and here at House of Joy. It was a year to allow the Lord to change anything he needed to, to truly be set apart for him alone so his Glory can move without limitation! Amen! Change is not always easy and doesn't always look or feel good, just like surgery looks gruesome but the result is being healed and whole; God does spiritual healing and cleansing when we sign the waiver for him to cut what he wants to cut! Even our building went through a complete remodel and is still being finished. It's so exciting to see the transformation!!

Other exciting second year highlights was that Pastor Jennifer was ordained by Apostle Cathy at House of Glory 12/12/22. It all became official!

Meeting Apostle Cathy this past year has been a God ordained connection to launch all of us leaders at House of Joy into a deeper level of anointing and holiness. We are so thankful for the spiritual covering God has placed us under. In the pictures above show you will see many of the team from House of Glory church present to celebrate with us. Having their backing has been such an incredible blessing!!! Remember that as you step out to do what God has called you to do, he will also bring the right people alongside you. we do not do this journey alone!!!

We are looking forward to more souls being reached, more presence of God manifesting in our meetings, and more JOY of Jesus overtaking us! He knows how to build his church and equip it's leaders. We stay in his good hands and continue to let him mold this beautiful community to be all he wants it to be! Let's skip on into year 3!!!

Check out some more photos below of year 2 memories!

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