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Mission + Vision

Where there is JESUS, there is JOY!

We're a creative house of prayer spreading childlike faith & the supernatural joy of Jesus as hearts are taught to know God intimately.

Healing, freedom, & salvation happen

as we eat his living words!

God's bringing the misfits & rebels home to his love!

 We have a vision to expand our reach through media and equip other houses of JOY world-wide.

Mission + Vision


  • supernatural Joy

  • Childlikeness + Wonder

  • Prayer-intimacy with God

  • Creativity is a power tool

  • Interactive Learning

  • Out-of-the-Box thinking

  • Worship is a lifestyle

  • Follow Holy Spirit

  • Supernatural Healing & Freedom

  • Devour Truth & Be Transformed



Our Story

Our Story

coming soon!

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